¿Dónde está la creatividad?

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9 Comentarios

  1. Dear Ivan, nice to hear from you. We sent you irinomatfon about the course please, confirm if you have received it.thanks!Katrin

    • I agree with the recommendations above.This emplaxe shows the importance of setting clear expectations at the beginning. There might be 2 different issues to consider: systematic and individual.Since 2 participants regularly skip AL meetings it would be useful to understand the reasons and talk with them directly. It could be that 2 “missing” participants were selected wrongly to be part of this AL group, which could be a systemic problem that the AL coach needs to clarify with the client (e.g., HR).If it is an individual problem I would ask the group how they want to handle the situation and ask: “How is the group’s performance affected if some members skip meetings?” and “How does the group want to handle these issues?”

    • As a lover of business and enteeprenrurship I am all for starting your own thing ! It takes extreme work, dedication and talent but if you feel your ideas and business plan is that superior, than more power to you! Being self-employed and the leader of your own business would open up many doors to freedom of expression and coaching style. However, it is a tough thing to do, financially, legally and individually it is a very testing process. It may be a safer bet to start looking for work throughout your post secondary schooling, and continue to develop your own ideas and plan as you gain the knowledge and experience to create your own successful company one day ! I’d like to hear how this pans out, and even support you in such a drive ! All the best .

  2. Business Coaching Career Coaching comes about as it is cricual to know your work values if you want to find your ideal job .

    • Great video. I use the wheel in my coaching enosisss. Personally for my niche I refer to it as the wheel of internet marketing. This helps my clients to get clear as what are the most important aspects of internet marketing and helps to identify what is already working well and helps to identify where to focus coaching. You’ve explained the use of this tool well. Thank you.

  3. Career Coaching To find your perefct job and to fully understand your work values, career coaching should be one of your considerations .

    • Thanks for talking about how to love this life. You rellay give great examples of the benefits of Life Coaching and why it may or may not be there for you. When people can see what the clear benefits are it helps with deciding if something is right for you.

  4. Career Coaching Career Coaching comes about as it is cicural to know your work values if you want to find your ideal job .

  5. It is important at the ousett for the group to have stated what the agreed commitment of the members is and what are the agreed expectations.As a coach, I would ask the group how the participants feel it is doing as a group, what is it doing well, and where could it improve? If the issue isn’t raised, I would ask a further question is there any way the group could improve its effectiveness? . If the issue still isn’t raised, it would appear that the two missing people aren’t missed so maybe it is not an issue in terms of the work of the group?

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